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“We went from $330 per PPC lead
to $51 a lead…”

“started with 3 trucks now we
are at 9 in the first year…

“we doubled year after year
for 6 years now…”

Digital Marketing Agency

As a home-service business, your goal is to lower your acquisition cost, increase your call volume, and increase your sales. What’s the sure way to get you to that goal? Local Search!

Our clients come to us after the other guys fail to deliver the results they promised. Most of our work is ‘clean-up work’, meaning, if you’re unsatisfied with your current SEO work, or if the performance is mediocre, we’re called to scrub out the mess and deliver the results your business deserves for home servicing contract businesses.

Don’t believe us? Here are a few of our client testimonials. They hired Red Palm because they were unimpressed with the results they were getting from other vendors.

transparent reporting

Digital Marketing Agency

Local Marketing SEO


You can expect reporting from us that clearly shows exactly what’s happening with your marketing dollars. We’ll walk you through the progress, offer suggestions, and guide your business to consistent success. Data is transparent and numbers are hard to fabricate. You can expect to see measurable results week after week and month after month.

Digital Marketing Agency

Proven Support

Local Marketing SEO


Cut through the noise and beat out your competition with a memorable brand. We help our clients build brands that level up their business.

Digital Marketing Agency

Website Development

A website is often the first impression for your business. It can impress or turn away your customers. We specialize in making websites that look great, work beautifully, bring traffic and convert visitors into inquiries.

Local Marketing SEO

Marketing Consulting

You work hard to make your business a success. But you don’t have to do it alone. Think of us as your marketing experts that double your efforts and increase your sales.

Digital Marketing Agency

SEO – Local Search

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) increases your chances of capturing your leads right as they are actively searching for a business like yours! We make best friends with sites like Google and rank your website favorably.

Local Marketing SEO

Data & Reporting

We let numbers speak for themselves. You can expect to get regular performance reports that showcase exactly what’s happening and how your marketing dollars are working for you.

Digital Marketing Agency

Ads & Media Buying

If your business could benefit from advertising support, you can rely on our team to guide you through the entire process, from start to finish.

Websites that Convert
Tangible SEO Results
Video Marketing
Full Service Marketing

Digital Marketing Agency They Keep Growing. Ask Us How.

We are Not Going to Waste Your Time

Not another sales pitch”…that’s what you may be thinking, right? But what if I offered to review your website and online presence for free? It’s how we’ve helped dozens of new clients gain helpful insight into their marketing and won over their business.

Fair warning – you may not like what we share, especially if you’ve been paying another agency to run your marketing. But our intent isn’t to make the other guys look bad – your marketing may be running well! But you won’t know unless you check, right?

Our intent is to empower you with the best marketing insight and considerate consulting so that you can make the best decision for your business.

By looking ‘under the hood’, we can show you, backed by real data and numbers, what’s working, what you can stop doing, and what you could start doing to continue growing your business, year after year. Just like we’ve done for countless other happy clients.

Take the challenge – Contact us today!

Digital Marketing Agency
Daniel M.Owner
Local Marketing SEO "We've been with Red Palm for A Decade"

websites that convert

Digital Marketing Agency

Build a website and they will come? Nope.

As a home service provider, you have competition in your industry and service area. Having a website and an online presence will not guarantee the business you deserve. It’s what you do with that website that determines whether you rank high on Google, convert visitors into inquiries, build referral business, and position yourself as the ‘go-to’ service provider.

We have built hundreds of websites, layered PPC and SEO efforts, and launched effective marketing strategies for business owners like you, that deliver unprecedented results. See for yourself.

we do video marketing too

The future is now. And it’s video marketing.

According to the latest research, video marketing is hands-down, the most effective tool you can use in your marketing. If done well, it’s your ‘not-so-secret’ weapon for building authority and gaining the know, like & trust factor that so many businesses wish to attain with new leads or current customers.

And while many might offer video marketing services, not everyone can offer the same level of quality and production that our agency can. We’re happy to share our clients’ business videos with you. Just ask.

some of our skilled key players

Daniel Molina - Owner of Red Palm Marketing Services

Daniel loves to listen to peoples/business goals/visions and collaborate with them to make them a reality.

Founder - CEO
Local Marketing SEO

Brittany is quite the organizer! Stationary supplies is like taking her to the candy store. Well, she likes candy too.

Chief Operating Officer
Chris Gray - Red Palm Marketing

Analytics, spreadsheets, and data – Oh My! He’ll break it down to a language you understand that speaks results.

Chief Marketing Officer
Local Marketing SEO

Born in some galactic planet far, far away Philip received his digital superpowers that make him the star in creating websites and other platforms.

Dev Director
Arni Adams - Operations Manager

You will find her in the cracks, well sealing them up anyway. She makes sure nothing gets missed.

Operations Manager
Katie Stephens

Her positive attitude and punctual responses will make you feel like you are our only client.

Project Manager
Margot Hanaman

Punctual, organized, and dependable should be the meaning of Jamie in the Dictionary

Social Media Specialist

You don’t get to be an “average” designer working on Hollywood movie posters and music artists’ album covers. Thaddeus isn’t an average designer.

Lead Senior Designer

Our team is here for you

There’s decades of years of experience between us. And almost all of the key players have been with Red Palm for years. We’re not just a team. We’re a family. And we take care of each other and our clients. There are no ego’s, no drama, and no horrible bosses. We work together well, because we respect each other and our clients.

We established a system that delivers results. And we can’t wait to do the same for you.
Give it a shot and contact Red Palm today!

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